Vehicle Wrap Advertising, A Low Cost Powerful Marketing Tool?

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Car wraps, van wraps, bus wraps even train wraps they all date back to the early 1990s when the technology of wrapping a vehicle in a thin graphical vinyl coating in such a way that it looked like a part of the vehicle's bodywork became possible. The vinyl wrap holds computer-generated graphics, which means that the sky is the limit when it comes to design and effect.

We've come a long, long way since sign writing was the major means of placing art work on a vehicle body. Sign writers still do it, but vinyl wraps can do things that sign writers will struggle to do, and they will do them faster and better too.

That's not to denigrate the humble sign writer. They do a great job. It's just that car and van wraps are a progression that borrows from the computer age that seriously supersedes anything that came before. When it comes to mobile advertising, car and van wraps are definitely the way to go.

Advertising is big money. Worldwide, the spending on advertising of all kinds will top £300 billion in 2010. Mobile advertising will play an ever increasing role in this, and as more and more cars hit the roads, expect to see more and more wrapped cars, vans and buses rolling past with eye-catching ads that make heads turn.

While car wraps are great, they don't have the size available to really put an ad across. Cars are also lower and nearer the ground, so they are less easy to see on a crowded road. Buses are big with a lot of flat space on their sides. This makes them excellent for wrapped ads as many people see them. They have one small disadvantage though in that they always travel on the same route, so it's the same people who always tend to see them.

Van wraps are a bit like the situation in Goldilocks just right. Vans are bigger than cars with much more higher up space to play with for ads. They also tend to travel much more freely depending on their needs, but they tend to not have a fixed route, so a greater variety of people see the ads they carry.

Advertising on vans is becoming big business. Many vans already carry their company details, but it isn't really an ad as such. They might have a company logo and perhaps a company slogan, coupled with the company name, address and telephone number. There might even be a web address and perhaps an email contact too. However, some vans don't even have all that.

Company vans with no advertising or company details on them represent a great opportunity for the company. There are specialised businesses that will put a company with a van like that in contact with another company who will be very willing to pay good money to have the van carry their advertising message.

Specialised van wraps can make any white van an instant mobile advertising medium. The money generated from agreeing to this unusual partnership can even cover the running costs of the van. It won't interfere in any way with the van's carrying capacity or anything else, so everyone is happy. It's a plan that's definitely worth considering.

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Vehicle Wrap Advertising, A Low Cost Powerful Marketing Tool?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01