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Sweat Shield under shirts, more commonly known as sweat proof shirts are a remarkable innovation, one which has helped and continues to help sufferers of Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) from those ugly, underarm sweat patches that can blight a persons life.

These extremely comfortable sweat absorbent undershirts, complete with the reinforced underarm patches make a comfortable fit, and function unnoticed to keep one feeling confident and comfortable, as well as cool and most importantly, dry.

Sweat Shield Under shirts not only help keep a person dry underneath and cool and confident, but the life expectancy of ones clothes is increased, simply because those sweat stains which become permanent overtime no longer are an issue.

The idea of sweat proof shirts was born out by the founder of the company, Sweat Shield under shirts, having his own personal problem with Hyperhidrosis, and his challenge to seek a solution to the issues.

There are many products on the market, however there is nothing like the sweat proof shirt design that is made by this company, for keeping a person dry, and feeling confident.

The sweat proof under shirt has proven to be an excellent design, and clients around the world are daily seeing the many benefits of wearing an under shirt below their everyday work clothing.

The Company:
The company, Sweat Shield under shirts was born out of one mans desperation to lead a relatively normal life; normal that is compared to those that do not suffer from a debilitating condition known as Hyperhidrosis.

After years of searching for a solution, he was, through his job, relocated to the mystic east, China, and that event changed the life of Tim Shaw forever in a day.

Up until that time he was having to resort tailor-made undershirts which proved costly, but did the job intended, that is they stopped the hideous (in his words) sweat marks and stains appearing, which he understood was a common occurrence for many people across the world.

On moving to China, he had a revelation, and realized that he could have his tailor-made undershirts made at a fraction of the cost, and the light finally switched on; he knew he could offer something that was unique to the millions of sufferers of Hyperhidrosis worldwide.

Forming the company, which now operates out of Shenzhen province in China, the undershirts are made to strict European and US standards, and are shipped to customers all over the world.

And so confident is the company that their customers will have no complaint, the company states on the front page of their website the following offer.

We are so confident that these will be the most comfortable sweat absorbent undershirts you have ever worn that if you are not completely delighted with your purchase then we will refund 150% of your moneyno questions asked! Make an investment in your appearance today and start dressing with confidence.

Dont delay; order your sweat proof shirts today from the Sweat Shield Under Shirt company at www.sweatshieldundershirt.com.
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Dont delay; order your sweat proof shirts today from the Sweat Shield Under Shirt company at www.sweatshieldundershirt.com.

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Sweat Proof Shirts

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This article was published on 2010/10/30