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Setting up a Singapore company is a very popular due to the relatively trouble-free procedure. With London is the hub of commercial activities in the European Union and the de facto financial capital of the world, making it a worthwhile investment to register your company in the country.

There are a few guidelines to follow that will make your company formation process easier and more useful project.

• Before you approach the Companies office or start looking for locations, you must first decide upon a name.

The name must be unique and not already in use other things work in Singapore. Proper research and collective enterprises have been registered in Singapore to give an idea of what the correct name at the top. You can also try changing the type of company that gives you a different identity.

For e.g. Wilhelmsen Inc. and Wilhelmsen Ltd. are different even though they share the same name. You may also approach an Agent to assist you with the right way to deal with this.

• The next step would be to register with the Companies House, which is basically the go-to place for individuals wishing to register their companies and getting incorporated. It is an Executive Agency for the Government of Singapore which comes under the Department of Business.

• You would also need to acquire a permanent address for your setup. Without a permanent site location, you cannot register yourself with the Companies House.

• Each and every company in the Singapore is required to file certain annual financial statements in order to meet the current operating criteria. There will also be a form to fill, wherein you must give important details such as the location, details of the subscribers, details of how it will be run and so forth.

Once these requirements are met, one can create his / her business, and conduct operations without any hindrance. Most companies use the facility of electronic filing at Companies House. This means that when someone places an order, request sent instantly to Companies House for processing.

The Registrar of Companies generally complete incorporation within 3 hours. This may mean that if someone has placed an order before noon on a normal day of work, you might have your company at the end of the day. There are important guidelines for creating a business process more convenient.

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Singapore Company Formation Process Guidelines By Rikvin

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This article was published on 2011/07/03