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Every company wants to advertise its products and services and in return attract maximum recall. Innovative ways of marketing the company's brand image will help in the long run and the company, as a result, achieves more business. There are many ways of marketing the company's products and services so that clients can have long standing relationships with the company.

Promotional gifts are one of the ways the company can choose. Let us discuss some of them here.
Promotional badges make simple and economical gift items. Customer printed badges carrying the name of the company and the slogan and can be used during the company's promotional campaigns and conferences. When the company has to cater to a huge crowd, then these are very effective and well within the budget. Boomerangs and flyers are fun toys and they too can be used for all sorts of events and gatherings. You can spread the company's name by using these types of products as they have both utility and popularity. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours.

Bright coloured balloons are also effective ways of promoting the company's image. They can be used at special events, conferences and business meetings. These are low budget items that can fit most budgets.
Premium corporate gifts are luxury items that attract lots of eyeballs because they are stylish and costly. They rank above the common giveaways. Executive gifts are given to high end clients and customers. Some of them such as silver plated gifts are neatly packed in special gift boxes. The styles and quality of these products helps in establishing a long standing relationship with the clients and customers. Such premium items given personally to executive clients help in maintaining public relations.

Fridge Magnets are equally effective. They are of utility value and also come in funky colours, shapes and designs. Sticking yellow post-its on a fridge is quite common. These magnets can be used to put up pictures and notes. People open the fridge more than 10 to 15 times a day. Every time a person visits the fridge, he is able to see the company's logo and products. Fridge magnets are not costly and they fit into the budget. When you have to cater to a larger mass population of clients and customers, these make an ideal giveaways.

Letter openers also make for great promotional gifts. They are effective and have a high utility value just like fridge magnets. Letter openers are handy products and together with the company's name and logo make ideal giveaways. They are used many times a day either to open letters, bills or envelopes. They are economical and can be given away to a larger mass of people.

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Promotional Gifts - Something For Everybody

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This article was published on 2010/03/30