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Isagenix, the International nutraceutical company, made its presence felt in the field of business in 2002. The founder of Isagenix is John Anderson while its co-founders are Jim and Kathy Coover.  The company had its headquarters in Arizona. It is a reliable company and a part of the booming health and fitness industry. The founders and co-founders of Isagenix are equipped with knowledge of network marketing capped with experience. It is definitely a scoring point for the company. Under their guidance and leadership, the company is bound to flourish if it makes the right moves.

The product line

The flagship product of Isagenix is the nine day cleansing and fat burning system, which was promoted very well via the internet. The product does not contain any type of stimulant. The other cleanse products which are meant to prove beneficial to the people include Isagenix snacks, bar, shakes, soups and slim cakes. They also offer replenishing packs, various nutritional and weight loss products. The products combine in a very subtle manner-vitamins, minerals and herbs. The products promise to fill you with lots of energy and infuse in you a fresh, invigorating feeling. The skin care products that the company offers take proper care of your skin. Its anti-aging products work giving you a youthful, charming look.

The compensation plan

To start off things, you can become an Isagenix distributor by paying a paltry $39. The compensation plan is structured on a binary model. The compensation plan can be divided into two categories, upfront income and residual income respectively. You have to build a sustainable chain of distributors by sponsoring as many people as you can. You need to reach the target market with the range of products that the company offers and be a perfect teacher to the new associates. This way you can utilize Isagenix business opportunity to make a potentially good income.

Opportunity to do home business

With a small fee, a person interested to enter into business with Isagenix can become its associate. As an associate, you get the guidance and the support of the back office system coupled by a personalized website. A personal retail sale can help an associate to earn fifty percent commission.

Training programs

All guidance is provided by your sponsor who initiates you to the business process. Training programs are organized for the new associates to make them conversant with the business culture of Isagenix. You can also take help from the information available online. You need to have no experience as such to utilize this home based business opportunity.

The success formula

Isagenix is a good, reliable company with its top-quality products. When you become a part of Isagenix, do not expect success to follow naturally. The success formula is that you have to generate leads in order to perceive a steady growth in your business. To generate leads is not an easy task. You need to have a proper training in marketing to accomplish your task. You can have an online lead generation system.

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Isagenix Company Review

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