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My brother is involved in a business which uses hose reels on a regular basis. The company use the hose reels for the delivery of air, water, oil or grease etc. Because of the nature of the business, any hose reels that they use have to be able to operate independently and be coated in a durable material to avoid corrosion. It is part of my brothers job to buy the hose reels the company needs and, as he is such a reliable and conscientious employee, he tries his hardest to ensure that he gets the best possible product for the best possible price.

When he was researching hose reels to see what sort of great deals he could get, he came across a company called Redashe. As he looked at their website he realised that they supplied a vast range of hose reels and industrial equipment. He realised quickly that all of their hose reels were of the best standard and was very impressed by how competitive their prices were. They were set up in 1983 so have quite a lot of experience under their belt. What impressed my brother even more was that they operate under four separate specialist sales divisions one of which is exclusively for hose reels.

My brother quickly got in touch with the company and explained his requirements for hose reels to them. They could not have been more helpful. They explained to him that they had been supplying hose reels to a wide and diverse range of customers, including sectors as different as food and drink and local government. My brothers employers were really pleased with the work that he had done sourcing their hose reels and he is in line for promotion early next year. As he said though, he was extremely lucky to come across such a good company as Redashe. He felt that they really made his job easy.
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Redashe.co.uk can supply a wide range of hose reels, with different features, ensuring you get one for the job you need and at the best price.

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Hose Reels

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This article was published on 2011/01/27