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Thursday broader market depth increases the callback, the management of the maintenance of stability is more important than all the premise of policy risks faced by the blind for air. Operations can be extremely concerned about the main deeply involved in the recent oversold stocks, such as low-cost energy-efficient lighting concept 600203 Furi Electronics. Companies to invest in high-brightness GaN-based Chip Light-emitting devices with the project, with shocking concept of energy-efficient lighting, photovoltaic materials, the company is becoming an important source of profit growth. The company also spent a lot of Friends along with Taiwan to establish joint science and technology IC Manufacturing company, became the 4-6 inch chip production line of leading enterprises. The stock market performance in the round is active, the major financial deeply involved in the recent stock sell into corrections consecutive big yin, short-term retaliatory counterattack strong momentum, it is focused!

Days ago, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a leadership group meeting on energy saving and emission reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction in 2007 to listen to the progress report on arrangements for the 2008 energy conservation work, and to LED Lighting technology into national development planning in the medium and long term is "energy saving" the top priority! Affected unit subject line of environmentally friendly energy-efficient lighting active. Furi Electronics and Chinese Academy of Sciences Semiconductor Fujian Furi Institute jointly established Optoelectronics Division, the company registered capital of 58 million yuan, accounting for 68.97% Furi Electronics shares. The new company will invest in high-brightness GaN-based light-emitting device chip project with the help of the CAS Institute of Semiconductors, high-brightness gallium nitride based materials in the strong technical strength, the current optical material is become an important source of profit growth. Furi Electronics Division has developed high-power 80-90LM / W high power white light LED, and has mass production capabilities; same company also launched a full-color high-power LED, and can carry out mass production; June 23, successfully developed a luminous efficiency up to 100LM / W high power white light LED. This shows that have shaken the concept of energy-efficient lighting, LED is a typical concept stock, the stock has more than 7 yuan powerful explosive.

In Fujian Furi Electronics as a 100 key enterprises (groups) and the backbone industry in Fujian, one of the Company, Ltd. IC Chips, electronic components, potassium nitride-based high-brightness light-emitting materials and devices, electronic consumer products machine, communication products, import and export trade, financial and network communications applications software development, systems integration R & D, production and promotion and so on. Company spent a lot of Friends along with Taiwan to establish joint science and technology IC Manufacturing company, main attack 4-6 inch IC chips are manufactured, the company in one fell swoop became the 4-6 inch chip production lines of leading enterprises. In addition, 863 companies or the State application and demonstration units and 863NC NC Union's main sponsor, has a strong research and technological development capacity, high-tech products.

Role in the policy area and safeguard stability, the broader market decline is a spent force, hair-trigger retaliatory rally. Furi Electronics as the concept of energy-efficient lighting in the performance of stocks in the current round of market is very active, deeply involved in main funds, the recent share price continuous big yin sell into corrections, short-term retaliatory counterattack strong momentum, once the attacks start easily pull out the breakthrough Yang Xian, it is worth focus.
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Furi Electronics: Led Opto

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This article was published on 2010/10/13