Execute Cell Tower Lease Agreements With Care

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When it comes to acquiring sites for their needs, wireless companies resort to lot of dirty tricks. It is hard for the common man to decipher these underhand tricks. And what is more alarming is that with each passing day, the trend to mislead if not dupe is growing in the telecom industry. As of now, telecom authorities have not cracked down on such devious practices. So, it is important for every property owner to be on guard against cell tower lease companies.

Wireless companies feed on the fear of the average property owner- the fear of losing out the monthly income. These companies and their consultants try to capitalize on this lurking fear. And it is easy to scare owners who have already enjoyed the benefits of earning a regular monthly income without any investment. Many owners receive new lease terms from companies that state that they have to agree to new terms or else they may have to lose out on the monthly income.

Wireless tower site lease consultants often play a dirtier role than the companies. They know that it pays to be on the side of wireless firms. They trap gullible owners and intimidate them in every possible way. Owners take their advice as a neutral opinion and give in to the wishes of the company. The most common way of putting the fear of god in property owners is by falsely telling them that the tower companies no longer are in need of their property. The modus operandi of these dishonest wireless consultants and firms is simple. By scaring land lords and compelling them to agree to the terms of wireless companies these middlemen earn commissions. Most of the time they have backdoor contact with the cell tower companies. The companies use to mislead property owners.

So before agreeing to the terms of a company or before being influenced by the views of consultants always exercise your discretion.
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Execute Cell Tower Lease Agreements With Care

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This article was published on 2011/03/28