Creating A Good Impression With Your Letterheads

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Good impression is essential in business marketing. When people hear about your company, what could be the first thing that comes to their minds? Do you ever wonder about the image they perceive of your company? To be taken seriously, every aspect of your business must be consistent with the image you are working hard to establish. Even with written communication. To this end, a well-designed letterhead should part of your companys effort to create a good impression.

Your company letterhead is in the forefront of your business communications. Whenever your customers or colleagues receive a mail from you, it's the first thing that they see. Your letterhead not only serves as the way to make your contact information known to the recipients of your correspondence, it also contributes to the way your clients perceive you. Since it contains your companys basic information, it effectively serves as your de facto representative. Without giving away too much about your business, it is still instrumental in projecting what your company is all about. And with a positive company image in mind, proceed to create the design of your company letterhead.

Your letterhead should carry your companys logo. Easily the most identifiable symbol of your company, the logo is an important element of your letterhead design. Adjust it accordingly to create a perfect balance. What else should you put in the letterhead? Why, your contact information, of course. Include your company's name, address phone and fax number as well as e-mail address. If your company maintains a website, then you might as well include that too.

The logo and company name are usually placed together on the top part of the sheet. Then, the address, along with the other contact information, is printed at bottom page. Since letterheads are meant to be easily sent through fax or snail mail, the standard measurement for letterheads is 8.5 x 11 inches.

As for colors, letterheads are commonly printed in three options. Choose from these options - one color, two colors, or full color. To give you a bit of suggestion, why not consider full color printing. Full color printing can provide your business letter a different feel by adding depth and breadth. Full color can also make your graphics stand out perfect for your logo. Although for this type of quality, you may need to shell out more money. The more colors you include, the higher the cost of printing. But dont worry, its definitely worth it.

Choosing high quality paper stock should also be one of your top priorities. Instead of plain bond paper, use textured paper for a more significant impact. Look for a printing company that can provide great quality printing. A good printer can help materialize your plans and vision for your letterhead.

A professional-looking letterhead is more presentable if it has a matching custom envelope. So, in addition to your letterheads, you may choose to ask your printer to print envelopes for you as well. See if you can avail of any special discount for this combo printing arrangement. Anyhow, dont be so hung up about the cost, if you want to establish your corporate image, you need to make room for it in your budget.
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Creating A Good Impression With Your Letterheads

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This article was published on 2011/02/09