Changing the Paradigm

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Whenever a mainstream paradigm is threatened, conventional believers will put up their defenses and start attacking the new and more popular system of beliefs.

Take for instance the claim of Galileo Galilee that the earth was not the center of the universe. The scientific community was scandalized; he got excommunicated and persecuted for his belief. The same thing is happening today with a different technology-a fundamental change in health care beliefs and although the makers are not being persecuted -their reputations are continually being attacked. The LifeWave Company is not new to these kinds of attacks.

LifeWave is a company that has introduced a very innovative series of products that threaten to compete head to head with pharmaceuticals, drugs and chemicals. These products-called, LifeWave patches – are a breakthrough in technology that marries centuries old acupuncture with the latest nanotechnology.

This new technology has received its fair share of criticism and claims of sham and quackery- but still continues to work as distributors produce excellent results with the products in a variety of conditions. The company’s products, which include Ice Wave, Silent Nights, Y-Age, Energy Enhancer, and SP6 patches, are tested in very strict clinical studies available at

Just imagine an adhesive patch that you stick to certain points on your body to enhance energy flow, reduce pain and excrete unwanted substances to fight the signs of aging. The possibilities of this technology are endless, and could replace some drugs in the market that earn pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars per year.

If there are detractors, there are also believers in the company. LifeWave company information about their products and services is available on the web 24/7. The website has many testimonials of users who have benefitted from the effect of the patches within 24 hours. Suzanne Somers, an actress, author and advocate of alternative health care, is one of Life Wave’s many believers. She has seen for herself the benefits of using the patches and is so convinced she carries the product in her personal website.

The company’s philosophy is the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” All the company wants is to make this new found technology available to everyone, for other people to experience and witness the benefits of this new science. You can see this for yourself at the site

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Changing the Paradigm

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This article was published on 2010/10/21