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A tiny island of immense ecological importance, Anguilla is a British overseas territory located east of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands and north of St. Martin. Anguilla has a tiny population of 13,500 and its inhabitants, mostly of African descent, mainly speak British English and some varieties of Spanish and Chinese. It is surrounded by several other islands and cays which are mostly uninhabited.
The picturesque islands economy hinges on tourism, offshore banking and offshore incorporation management. Anguilla, however, suffered a serious setback in offshore business incorporations due to the recent economic downturn.
One of the most preferred destinations for offshore company incorporation; a company in Anguilla can be incorporated in as fast as 24 hours, provided all the paperwork is in place. All Anguillan International Business Corporations are exempt from all taxes from the date of incorporation. Companies, however, have to register with the registry and must maintain a registered office in Anguilla and appoint a licensed Anguillan company as their registered agent.
International Business companies in Anguilla enjoy a very high degree of privacy and any information about the company is not released in the public domain. However, court authorities may compel the company to divulge information in case they are suspected to be conducting any clandestine activities.
The following type of companies can be incorporated in Anguilla:
International Business Companies
Hybrid Companies
Non Profit Associations
Public Companies
Limited Liability Companies
Anguilla also offers a high degree of flexibility as far as the functioning of a company is concerned; such as a secretary or other officers are not mandatory for incorporations, Officers needed for an Anguillan IBC can also be directors and shareholders and shareholders may reside in any country and may conduct business internationally.
A mix of all these factors, along with a politically stable environment makes Anguilla a very suitable place to conduct business.
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Anguilla Company Registration

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This article was published on 2011/04/13